Industrial Warehouse Sold For $795K

Jeremiah  /   July 2, 2015

Industrial Warehouse Sold For $795K

Jim Forbes CCI with Jeremiah Baron & Co. Commercial Real Estate, LLC brokered the transaction of the most unusual property the company has ever listed for a grand total of $750,000. The property was designed to be self-sustaining for thirty days with nothing but food. Some of the features include: 30 ft. high walls with concrete roofs, built to withstand a Category 5 Hurricane, 66,000 gallon water tank, guard house with bullet proof glass, and even a Detroit Diesel Engine with a 10,600 gallon fuel tank to power a 1600 Kilowatt Generator.

Jim figured it could have been a great Rave bar, Bio-Research facility or a location for an action film. The buyer plans to make it into a data back-up center for United Teleports. The company is based in Miami and provides a full range television content management, processing, playout and distribution services to more than 30 networks in the USA and Latin America.

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