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Thinking of buying or selling a business? Call the professionals at Jeremiah Baron & Co. For many years Jeremiah Baron & Co. has been representing the needs of business sellers. Our professional and confidential services are backed by our reputation as Treasure Coast’s best business brokerage firm. A reputation earned by placing one buyer with one seller…one deal at a time. Since Jeremiah Baron & Co. has been involved in selling businesses & commercial real estate, and providing consultation services. Our Broker Associates have also operated a variety of successful businesses themselves, including c-stores, restaurants, and internet businesses. We have priced, created a marketing plan, and sold virtually every type of business, both large and small. This has provided our firm with access to classified comparable transaction data to create supportable business valuations. This hands-on data gives us unparalleled knowledge of real market values and emerging market trends only available to our business brokers.

Jeremiah Baron & Co. is a multi-faceted firm that serves the business community by specializing in the transfer of business ownership to include:

  • Sale, Purchase, Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Valuation of Closely Held Businesses
  • Exit Strategy & Business Planning
  • Providing Sources for Financing the Deal
  • Commercial Real Estate Property

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